I decided to write about the Recording Connections website. This site uses images way to much, at least for my taste. When I first landed on the home page  was  overwhelmed  by the excessive use of images, it  makes things a bit hard to understand at first.  You have to really observe closely to understand whats going on. If you ask me I think it’s a bit hard to navigate clearly even though the navigation bar is off the left, it just seems a bit  cluttered.  The images do serve their purpose of painting a visual that will probably make someone choose this school.  I believe there are around 75  images  or more on the page total and like 10 or more in the slide show, that’s a lot images there may be more. To me I think the images are over kill in trying to sell a service by name dropping with tons of images, I would have loved to see more thought and design put in to the site. However Im sure that the images are successful in getting people to sign up with this school once they figure it all out. With the images turned off you can still navigate the site. I was unable to determine the  cumalative file size of all images using Chrome.



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  1. What a great site to review. There is so much happening on the site, but it is almost immediately clear what Recording Connection wants you to do at their site. You are right that it does feel cluttered and very busy, although I do think that their use of a grid to layout the underlying topology of the content on the page is effective at providing some sense of order.

    Do you think that the audience for this site may have something to do with the decision to have so much information and imagery on the home page? Can you imagine an audience a site like this is effective at reaching? Our answers to these questions are certainly subjective, and I have my own thoughts about the answer, but discussing these sorts of things really helps to get at the interesting details and mechanics of websites.

    Also interesting to note about this site is that there are a few images with large file sizes on the site, but the majority are quite small. Even though there are quite a few images I noticed that the page still loads quickly on my slow home internet connection.

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