Hi everyone,

My name is Marlene Fogarty-Phillips and I am excited to be in this class!

I live in North Pole and work in Fairbanks as an Online Content Director for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, alias iHeart Radio. My title is just a glorified name for website manager and advertising creator.

Creative inspiration and learning new techniques are what I would like to get out of the class. Don’t really know a lot about Fireworks or After Effects. ¬†Have taken a Flash class years ago, but would love a refresh on this software for creating banner advertisements.

My Behance Portfolio URL:

My CITSF221 Collection URL:  https://www.behance.net/collection/25714731/citsf221



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  1. It sounds like you get to create a lot of different types of media in your job, Marlene. I’ll be sure and provide extra tips and resources for people like you who really want to get in and try something new.

    I really wish there was time to include After Effects in this course. There is so much it is capable of that I think I’d love to teach a class on AE alone!

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