I am choosing to write about the NFL website page. I counted 56 images using the web developer in my Safari browser. Most of the images on this website were 200px X 115px while smaller images were around  120px X 80px . The smallest images were 24px X 38px and the largest images were 640px X 360px.

The images on the NFL website server as a link to more information about the thirty-two different teams, as well as showing highlights of the games without having to use words. There are also some advertising images located on the website as sponsors and clickable links to their websites. These images are all helpful for a quick glance for the score or small highlights of an ongoing or previous game.

You are still able to navigate through the website with the images turned off. However, things look bare without the images as well as most of the images are more informative for the information displayed on the home page. I think that the images are used well throughout the page. When you first look at the website you might think that there are to many images however, after turning the images off you then realize how helpful they actually are and how well they have been used. I do think that some images could be taken off for they aren’t really needed but most of the images are extremely helpful and informative.

NFL website



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  1. Isn’t it funny how much we rely on images for context on the web? You’re right that the site is still navigable with images turned off. Maybe if someone was accustomed to following the NFL without the visual cues they would be very comfortable getting around their website. As someone who knows very little about the teams, I would certainly have my work cut out for me not being able to see team colors and mascots to clue me in.

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