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I picked this site because I found the images interesting and wanted to find out more about the site, but found that the images may attract you in, but they aren’t explanatory or helpful in navigating to what you want to find. and without eye site or images you wouldn’t be able to use this site at all.

This site has 11 images on the home page. Together all the images are 427 KB. The purpose of the images is as the site navigation/buttons to get information and link you to other pages on the site. When you disable  the images there is simple name of the picture that would have been there if you hadn’t disabled it. Another thing that I noticed was if I pushed the make images invisible tool the pictures not only got rid of the images, but the only thing left on the entire page is a small light pink lettering in the corner with the sites name. The images don’t help much in navigating around to find more information on the site, but they are the only thing to tell you were    you  what to push to get to another page, without the images you would not only be lost but the whole site would be worthless.

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  1. What an odd site. I think I like the intent for the site, but you’re right that it is not navigable with images turned off. There is no contextual text or other sort of information to provide information about the site either. Browsing around, it appears the site is in some sort of early stage of development – with only lipsum text (filler text) on the pages.

    I’m curious if there is further development going on for the site. A WHOIS search provides a little information about the site and owner, but not much more than that. https://www.who.is/whois/id-inspire.com

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