Type of website:   This is a business website that specializes in website construction, web maintenance and graphic design services.

Intended Audience and Purpose of website:   As a business website the purpose of the site is to attract potential customers interested in web and graphic services.

The appearance of the home page is to be colorful, appealing and original in design. Taking into consideration for all audiences, the layout is to be simple, self explanatory, easy to read and easy to navigate. A bottom navigation is included in the footer for easy access to all pages.  Alt tags display on the images for those with visual concerns.  Contact Phone information to be displayed on all pages of the site. The website is to be applicable to all devices: PC, Mac, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, etc.

Navigation: 7 Pages to include the Home Splash Page and 6 subpages

  1. Home
  2. Services
  3. Portfolio
  4. Contact Page with Fill-able Form
  5. Web Services
  6. About Us
  7. Graphic Services

While the services page will display all services briefly with possible pricing, the Web Services page and the Graphic Services page will go into more specific details of what is offered.   Portfolio page is self explanatory and will include graphics and links of completed projects. About Us page will give an overview of the business, accreditation, etc. and display testimonials from satisfied customers.   Contact page will have business contact information —phone, email, mailing address and include a fill-able form to fill out for receiving a free consultation.


Optimization and Website Construction:

Sprites are used for the top main navigation. Vector images and optimized graphics are used for the website.   The website is constructed using css stylesheets with a majority of the graphics displayed as background images. I sliced the fireworks mockup page into sections and used css to piece it all together into a website splash page. So far it displays nicely on different sized monitors and have tested it out on in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and on my cell phone. This is a fully functional website with working navigational links. The sub pages are not yet created but you can view each links navigational path by mousing over or clicking on each link.   The pictures used are graphics I created and are a reflection of the title ‘Polar Visions’. One is the Northern Lights and the other is Alaskan Sunrise ~ Sunset. Both images are links that when clicked on go to separate Flash projects. The Sunrise ~ Sunset project jumps in the beginning and I am not sure how to fix that. Eventually the Web Services and Graphic Services boxes when clicked on will link to the Web Services page and Graphic Services page. The flash projects will remain but will include text and be formatted as a subpage.   All subpages will have a consistent format and feeling comparable to the main page.


Included is an image of the web page to accompany my explanation of my design.

Also included is a link to view the web page on the Internet.



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