I chose this layout for a small business that does longarm quilting services. The background image I chose because it was bright and flashy with lots of color and imagination, then coordinated the inside colors to go with it much like quilters do with their quilts. The inner image I chose of one of the owners, she is standing next to the long-arm quilting machine with one of her new quilting projects, making the about page a little more welcoming by showing real people actually preforming the service advertised.

The navigation is simple and strait forward, making it so someone who simply wants to see services and prices doesn’t have to weighed through tunes of information they didn’t want to know anyway, but the layout also gives the opportunity to learn about the business and gives information on how to get more if they want.

The rest of the page is going to have images on quilts done by the company, different stitching and thread options, and how choosing each will alter the over all price and time it will take to finish.

For the classes page there will be a list of classes as well as videos demonstrating tasks and different sewing tricks that can help you make a product come out faster and better.

I plan to make links for the images and videos so the page will load faster, leaving only small images with lower quality on the main page, that when clicked on will send you to the video or image page that will play and can be seen in higher and clearer quality.

Final image

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