The overall design of this website leaves much to be desired.

there are a fair amount of images used on this website, from what i counted there were 116 images used on the main page…which seemed like the only page on the site. as for the file size of all the images i didn’t get an accurate count with so many images to add together but from the ones i did count it was close to 11463kb with all images added together.

they are on the site to show people old magicians, but it seems that most of them are for nostalgia sake from the creator of the website.

I am able to navigate some of the posts on the website but others were using the graphic images as the links themselves.

I think that the website has the intent to use images in a proper way, and the layout of the images isn’t the worst, but having them as the hyperlinks to other sites and other parts of the website makes the site useless if the images break.assignment2

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  1. You certainly found a unique site! The articles on the site seem to go on for quite a bit, but it looks like there is a link to older posts near the bottom of the page if you want to see more.

    I’m surprised at how large some the images are. I noticed at least two of them have a height greater than 1700px. That’s quite large.


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