mineplex assignment 2



  • Mineplex.com is the link that I will be talking about.
  • I counted 11 images on the homepage. I got 15.73 mb ¬†for the file size, but I’m not sure if I did it correctly.
  • The purpose on the images on the page help direct people to certain posts on the website.
  • Yes, I can still navigate the website with images disabled. The links with the photos in them also have a word link to also help people navigate around the site.
  • I think the images really help people travel around the site. They also create an eye catcher which could help influence people to click on it to see what the image is about.



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  1. There are many more images on that page. Consider the avatar images themselves, in addition to all of the other images. I suggest you use the Web Developer toolbar to examine the images more closely. You will be able to see a more accurate count, and you will be able to find a more accurate cumulative total for all of the images on the page quite easily, without having to add them manually.


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