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Images are previews or placeholders. There are two exceptions, one being the ad-block thanker on the right and the sponsored link at the top.

You can navigate with the images turned off.

I think the main draw for this site is the titles of the articles/post/images being linked to. The thumbnail images can be a *little* too small to really get any real idea of what the image or post is about. The placeholder image (little Reddit  mascot with a question mark)  for posts helps identify the link as a text post as opposed to a weblink or image.

At the same time though, there are some links that I’m more likely to click on entirely  because the thumbnail intrigued me.


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  1. What a great site to use for this assignment. It gets a huge amount of traffic, yet there is very minimal use of images on the homepage. I think this definitely makes scanning the discussion topics much easier.Would you say this is true for many other discussion sites? Do they use a similar strategy? Are there sites out there that are primarily discussion driven that make more prolific use of images (or use larger images)? I think these are interesting questions, and I’ve not spent too much time thinking about this. comes to mind as a similar type of site.


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