Hi classmates, Marilyn Fye here. I live in Moose Creek (adjacent to the fence of Eielson AFB) and work full-time in Fairbanks in addition to volunteering heavily with Christmas in Ice. This is the ice carving competition and kids park that is held in the month of December next to Santa Claus house. I do the advertising and take a majority of the pictures that are used in posters, magazines and even printed for the postcards. I would like to learn how make the Christmas in Ice website more functional and up-to-date. I took the HTML & CSS course last semester and want to build on those skills and challenge myself to see more artistically. I am a factual person and so getting creative is something that does not come easy. I hope to change my viewpoint. I look forward to having feedback from the class.

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  1. Oh! I’m excited that you’re coming to class looking for a challenge. If there’s a graphic or artistic effect you’d like to know how to do, be sure and ask. We cover the basics here in class, but there’s certainly opportunity for delving into more interesting effects.


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