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So I chose to take a look at the website for Transformers. It is a franchise that I love and enjoy very much, and I know that the website changes every few years to correspond with the TV show currently airing.

I counted 40 images that were selected by developer with their dimensions shown. A majority of the smaller icons and buttons on the page were somewhere between 100px X 100px while the larger art pieces of the character ranged from 773px X 890px to 1360px X 575px.

This is a website geared for a younger audience so visual elements are extremely important to give it an interactive element. The images help lead users to character profiles, games, videos, apps for mobile devices, and merchandise information. Without the images the website loses its appeal to its younger users because it makes it harder to navigate and uninteresting to look at. For older users like myself it doesn’t make it impossible to navigate the webpage, but it definitely makes it not as appealing.

The images on this site are a crucial part of its success, without them the webpage is boring and doesn’t hold your attention long enough to effective.

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  1. Wow, Transformers, there is a blast from the past. I remember playing with them when I was really young – not even 10 years old.

    This site does rely on many images to entice viewers into the site, and without images turned on it certainly isn’t as visually appealing. That being said, one of the primary reasons to explore a site without the images visible is to get a sense of what it might be like to navigate the site as someone who may have a visual impairment. Even with images turned off, the content on the site is still ordered, and someone navigating this site with an assistive device (like a screen reader) will likely be able to navigate successfully (though it may be a slower process).


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