I looked at the old Christmasinice.org website.   This website is done with the Homestead.com by a friend and is basically a plug and play.   I was using the web developer tool in Chrome and could not get the full properties to show so I do not know the percentage of the page that is images, but it is at least 50%.  When I hid the images I was surprised that you could not navigate to the other pages.  The photos did not have alternate ID information to describe the contents of the missing photos.

My overall impression of the website is “jumble’.   The images are meant to entice people to come to the ice park to see the ice sculptures in person.   The home page includes a video that show the big slide and firework that are very effective.   My general impression of the home page is that there is too much information in a disorganized fashion.   New visitors to the site would not clearly know how to find costs, hours, location, etc.   Much of the information is added in jpeg format, for example the schedule of events, and so did not show up when the images were hidden.Christmas In Ice, Inc_home page Christmas In Ice, Inc-pics_hidden

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