Hi everyone!

I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and have lived there my entire life up until about two months ago. I now live in Clarksville, Tennessee. Moving has definitely been an adventure and a huge change of scenery.

To start off, I’m taking this class as a requirement for the Applied Business degree that I’m pursuing. I’m excited to start the semester and to apply the knowledge that I acquire throughout this class to aid me in my future career advancement and opportunities.

I hope to learn the basic in’s and out’s of creating a professional, vibrant, and informative website through the use of graphics, text, and video/audio clips. I feel that being able create a website is an exciting way to express myself and is a great creative outlet. Most businesses today have websites that potential customers can visit, and by doing so, these businesses are able to maximize their success and have a greater chance of reaching the general public. Knowing how to create and maintain a website is an empowering tool and skill that anyone today can benefit from.

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