The website, Utrecht Art Supplies, is a company that supplies materials and tools to many artists. They have stores outside of Alaska and the online shop (with no free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) You can see there are images for the individual products that are for sale, the coupons they are currently offering, search and cart buttons, and the logo.

Yes, you can still navigate this website with the images off, but it is REALLY hard because the images for the products are gone. What if you are looking for a particular item and you don’t know what name it is listed under but you do know what it looks like. You can still see all of the text and type names in the search box (if you can find it).   The images are used as a visual guide to help you find what you need quickly, without them it doesn’t work.

Images Disabled
Images Enabled




The accumulative image files on the home page are 110, including background images. And the size of all those files combined is 1,118.57KB. The website frequently changes their home page items and deals so the numbers are subject to change.


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  1. Great to see your comparison of the site with images turned of and with them displayed. Even though it is difficult to know what the products are if you cannot see them, how do you think you might go about getting this same information if you were someone with a visual impairment?


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