The Onion is a satirical newspaper and website filled with fake news articles and stories. Their home page does frequently change (just like a “real” news site would). It is set up like many other news websites with images for more important or headlining articles and text links to others. This website can be navigated with and without images. Both the image and the headline text are hyperlinked to the article it is describing. The images on this site are serving the purpose of further description of the articles in order to entice the viewer to click on and read the article. I find the use of images on this site to be very successful. It would be quite a boring website and much less entertaining without the images. The website would be purely text and because of this the amount of information that is currently on the home page could be overwhelming without the accompanying images. When I counted the images I found 28. Web Developer revealed that there are 33 total images on this site with a file size of 524 KB total.

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  1. Ha! The Onion – always a cathartic read after reading the “real news”. The images do provide visual interest, but imagine you navigated to this page and were not able to see the images clearly. Do you think you would still be able to navigate the site and access the primary content on the site effectively?


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