The site I chose for effective and interesting navigation was Imgur. ( Imgur is a social media site where users upload photos, artwork, memes, almost anything and it can get “upvoted”, downvoted” and “favorited”   by users. The homepage isn’t too exciting in terms of buttons, but once you start to browse images the buttons appear- and they’re everywhere! You can use the sidebar to see thumbnails of what is next or scroll with the next button. Above the sidebar you can chose how you want the images sorted (popularity, newest, etc.) and at the bottom you can change how the photos are views (list or thumbnails) To the left are small tab buttons that can be used to share the images on other social media sites. At the bottom are the “upvote, downvote, and favorite” buttons. If you scroll below each image there is a comment section and each comment has their up “upvote” and “downvote” button. The use of buttons on this site makes it incredibly easy to navigate and customize how each user wants to view the site and allows the user to move to many different places throughout the site on one single page.

Hillary Brown Vector Buttons

I have also included my vector buttons (created in Illustrator) Instead of the “punch” tool Illustrator uses the “pathfinder> subtract” tool under effects in case anyone else is using Illustrator as well!

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