The site that I am making is a kind of personal art gallery. I’ve been crafting, drawing, and painting since I was little but never really had my own independent website to showcase my capabilities. I made it fairly easy to navigate. The title that I sell my crafts under is Arctic Night Studios, thus is the theme of my website. I did a dark blue background with a starry effect to give a fantastical night/arctic feel to it. There’s a menu bar along the top with links to different pages. On the home page there is a space for an image slideshow (or it could be used for a banner) and a text box on the far side.

The audience for the site is art inclined. Those who either want to commission a piece or just enjoy viewing other people’s works. It’s intended to be viewed via computer but I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a hassle to make it compatible for mobile device view.

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  1. Your decision to keep your navigation simple is very effective. As a viewer, it seems very clear to me what I can expect to find at this site and where I would go to find it. Would you consider taking some images of your work and using them in your final layout? I’m curious to see some of it.


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