[NOTE: This is supplemental material, and not required for the course. We don’t get to spend much time with Photoshop in this course, but I know some of you use PS or are interested in learning more. These posts are for those of you that want to take your skills to the next level.]

For those of you who already have experience with Photoshop, I want to share a free action that showed up in my Inbox this morning. This action converts two images into a single image with the appearance of being double-exposed. If you’re interested in giving it a try, it is free right now on the Creative Market if you create an account.

There is even a quick tutorial to help you run the action on your own images.

So you’re somewhat new to Photoshop and you ask, “what is an action in Photoshop?” Let me tell you. Actions are a way to automate adding affects or quickly apply a specific workflow to help speed up workflow. There are lots of free actions out there for discovery if you have time to Google around. You can even record your own actions.

Not quite ready to create your own actions, but want to learn more about them?

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