Here is an artist’s online portfolio. The buttons at the top of the page indicate which information you wish to see; home, contact, works 1~15, etc.   When you click on any of the works buttons the page displays his portfolio for that year. When you click on the image you can view the image without having to leave the current page as a pop-up window pops up. You can scroll through the images using the arrow keys, and exit the pop-up using the escape key. I think the navigation is appropriate for the website’s content.Untitled-1

Takamatsu Kazuki’s website




Here is Blackboard. It is easy to log in, but it provides a very odd navigation system. There are organized boxes where you can view links to courses, see announcements, access grades, and other functions of the website. There are buttons in the upper right corner with some of the the same links, eCampus, My Career. In the very upper part there is another way to access the site’s features. Once you click on a course it takes you to another page to see all the course’s announcements, materials, grades, etc. I do not like this website because there are so many ways to get where you want to be on the site that it seems very cluttered.

Blackboard Learn     (hope you know what this website looks like)

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