Dreck Mock

Alas, this (despite my earlier lament) is totally a cookie-cutter website. Nothing really stunning or interesting that separates it from all of the other portfolio websites out there. This was pointed out by  Bouffard and I ashamedly admit he is completely correct.

I originally wanted to go with this design because I was wanting a website to use in addition to my resume. I’ve been applying to many government jobs so I figured the easier and cleaner I could get, the better.

Thinking on it though, that defeats my purpose. Sure, they’ll get to look at my work, but the point is to make my stuff stand out. This does not do that.

I have an idea for a more interactive design, but it requires much artwork in Photoshop. I will attempt to create something new that I think would serve me better in the realm of unique, attention getting design.

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