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This site is designed for anyone interested in Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Dyeing (fiber or yarn, not themselves), or needle work.

Most (about 85%) of  our visitors  are  women, 20 – 75, or their significant others shopping for them.

Local visitors are about evenly split between wanting to see images of the fiber and our class schedule.

I will probably add a button between the special events and other fiber links for Alaska Grown/Made products. A lot of our customers from outside (both mail-order and visitors) are looking for Quiviut or other specific Alaskan products.

Our mail-order customers are usually looking at the site on a desktop computer with a fair sized monitor. A lot of the tourists visiting us are using ipads or smart phones. The site will need to work on a phone.
That is also why the driving directions will be on the site in text, a map with the store location marked, and a link to the MapQuest “Get Driving Directions” tool. I anticipate a lot of tweaking in the CSS to get the behavior right.

I have lightened the canvas color from  my first draft, but may need to take it even lighter.

All of the buttons will have some type of highlight on mouse over. I just have not decided what that will be…


  1. Your site has been online for a number of years, yes? You have the advantage of knowing the customers that come into the store and what information they are looking for. Do you happen to track statistics on your website? If you are, I’m curious to know if you might share with the class how you keep track of your website traffic, whether it be platforms for tracking, or campaigns you may occasionally run that involve the website.

    1. We track mostly through personal interviews.
      We always ask new customers how they found us, our three best methods are KUAC underwriting (both radio and TV), Website (usually through a search engine), word of mouth.

      We have used classes posted on the site to bring more customers in. Tried fliers a couple of times (they work best if we hand them out at an event rather than leave them somewhere for folks to pick up).

      I will be doing more tracking on the new site to check on devices to see how much effort I need to spend setting up responsive views. I know we need to set something up for smart-phones.

      Suggestions on other things to track are welcome.

      1. I am always curious what tools people are using to gather statistics from their website. I have experience using Google Analytics, and that is what most sites I work on use these days. I have tried a few other platforms years ago, but they seem to have been overtaken by the popularity and ease of access of Analytics.


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