I made this website to be used as a home page with a photographer or visual artist in mind. From top to bottom:   banner/title and logo, navigation bar with search function, galleries for photos/arts/crafts, and a place for blog posts followed by a footer with copyright info. I included a mouse cursor to indicate the links change to orange when you hover over/click on them. I have also included some of my sketches for the design of the page at the bottom of this post.

On the home page one can access the different galleries by clicking on the all galleries button at the top or by clicking on the links in the Featured galleries. The Posts from the blog section has parts of posts that are events or verbal updates that the creator wishes to put there. Which means I should include a blog button at the top navigator. I also think the contact button could be in it’s own section, either at the bottom of the page or close to the top on a side bar if I decide to add one.

The design focuses on simple graphics so as not to be “cluttered” and make the images stand out more. I can imagine it being accessible from a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. The type of people who would visit this site are interested in seeing the contents of the site (art, photos, blog, etc.) or are interested in learning more about the artist. I imagine my grandparents could easily navigate this site to find what they are looking for.

In both of my sketches there is a large “image slide” with arrows right below it. I thought it could be used as a eye-catching slide of featured images. I removed it for now because I think it might over-power the other elements as it is, but I might re-think it and add it later on.

First sketch
Second sketch

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  1. Your idea for incorporating the larger image slide is an interesting one. You’re thought that it might overpower the smaller thumbnail images is definitely a consideration, but having a large images slider also provides a way to feature the very best individual images. This might do more for capturing the interest of viewers to the site (maybe). Ultimately, it is more a case of personal preference. I’m curious of you have any favorite sites that showcase photography.


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