For my website design I chose to make a site for a brewery, because beer is good. The type of viewer for my website (and customer for the business) would most likely be adults of mid to high mid income between the ages of 25 and 40. I make this assumption because younger of age drinkers do not typically tend to explore different beer options or prefer a tasting room atmosphere to a typical bar. I think my viewers would mainly be looking at my site from mobile devices to check business hours, event date and times, purchase tickers, or when they are searching for an event and or new pub to go to.   I tried to instill methods from Robin Williams’ “Non-Designer Design Book”. The proximity of my design groups like things together by placing all beer types next to each other in a main group front and center on my page. I also used repetition and alignment by placing the beer types and descriptions together in a horizontal orientation and interactive aspects of my website (links at the top, buttons on a side bar) in alignment with each other to create easier navigation. I also used a color palette that consisted of mostly browns and colors with brown undertones to try to mimic the feel of the inside of a bar or lodge type atmosphere. I also tried to use interesting imagery to draw the viewer in and entice them to explore the site (and in turn, the business) a little more.One criticism of my page is that the business hours should probably be listed on the home page rather than through a link. I also would use a different font for my main text font to make all of the fonts a little more cohesive and possibly use a different font color on the beer descriptions (or lowered the opacity of the background image). Additionally it may be a little too busy for some (too many images) but I think this could be helped by simply lowering the opacity of some of the images so they do not stand out so much. I think overall my website design is fairly well balanced.

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