website mockup

I made a website mock up for a travel site for alaska tours.

I think that since so many people come to alaska from around the world to vacation here and do tours it would do well with anyone looking for alaskan tours.


I think that the mock up i have done is good but it could use some more development.


  1. The layout looks good. If I were a tourist I would want a little more info on the home page. I think your use of the photo in the background works and I like it. The info on the footer is a little hard to read because of the color contrast. I think if you had just one color behind that part it would be easier to read.

  2. It is great that you’re already thinking about how you would develop the site further. Thinking about your audience and anticipating what sort of information they will want to find on your site goes a long way in helping you plan your site (with regard for both content and navigation). Balancing their expectations along with your own goals for the site will help you ensure you’re putting the correct focus on and providing easy access to the correct information.


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