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I wanted to create a basic web-page that showed some of the basic functions of the photography business and an easy way to show which section of the site they needed to explore to find what they wanted. The intended audience is people who are interested in taking tours of places to view the Northern Lights, those who want pictures of them, those who want to take pictures of them on their own on the tours or by themselves, and people who wish to learn how to use the equipment needed to do that. It’s possible that people could view it on devices, however with the layout it would be more likely that people would view it on computers.

I tried to keep it themed a bit to some of the colors that can appear in the Northern Lights to maintain the theme of the business while also providing the information needed and making sure they understood where the links were. However I could have probably limited the range of color a bit. The links with a brief description of those pages works, but I could have probably refined the descriptions a bit more. The placement of the image probably could have been in a better place than where I have it, but I didn’t want it to be the sole focus of the page even though I wanted it noticed. With a bit more refinement and adjusting placement of the elements on the page it could work as a way to familiarize people with the basics of the business and make them want to explore the rest of the site.


  1. I think the overall layout is good and you have good information on your website. But, I think it is hard to read because of the image in the background. I think you could remove the image or add a transparent box where the page info is. Then I think it would be easier to read. I also think the banner is a bit hard to read because of the font and the color scheme. If you changed one or the other I think it would work.

  2. Using the aurora as the focal point of a design can sometimes feel like a wonderful challenge. The movement and color in contrast with the dark sky are striking. Translating something so dynamic into something more static that also must communicate information – that is the challenge right there (for me, anyway). I like that you are already thinking of where you might take your layout when you refine it. There has been enough elapsed time since you’ve submitted your layout, that I would guess that you have even more ideas. Be sure and capture those ideas so that when you’re working on refining your layout for the final you have a clear direction in which to move forward.


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