My intended audience for this website are people interested in debatable aspects of life.   I enjoy a good discussion and humor so I thought I would combined the two and see what happens.   I want everyone to feel comfortable coming to the sight and so I think not posting conversation content on the first page allows people to search for things that are interesting to them instead of wading through tons of topics.

I will say that I struggled with this a little as I couldn’t access the video but I learn better by doing.   I think this site would be accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone but I see most people looking at the site on their phone or tablet. I used different style of boxes and buttons so that I could add borders.   I tried to go monochrome on the color palette for the main portions but I am not sure how well that worked.   I looked at other websites and mine might be a little too simple but I don’t want clutter so I am not sure how to achieve a more inviting look. For some reason you have to click on the page for it to enlarge here.


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