Mockup from Week 5


So for my final web design I kept the basics of it the same but expanded upon it some more. I kept the same theme for the background, as well as the banner and gallery slide show. I moved the menu links to the side with bullets which I found much more to my liking. I dropped the text box that was originally very narrow and placed to the left below the slide show and made it bigger. I also added some smaller buttons under the slideshow to showcase some other things I can do. What I am most pleased with is the commission buttons off to the side. I originally had it as one of the links in the list but it stuck out so far I knew it would be a problem. So I tried making it a big button all its own which I like very much. All of the links and buttons would have a hover state of the borders glowing and in the case of the star bullets those would become solid and not just an outline.

The website is geared for people who either wish to view my artwork for their own enjoyment or are interested in either commission or purchasing something from me (hence why I put the PayPal logo at the bottom.) I have always wanted a personal website to advertise and sell my merchandise to people who are interested.

The about page would supply info about myself and what I do. Gallery would be an assortment of pictures of my drawings, crafts, and photography. Q&A would be a basic commonly asked questions page. And links would be where I would reference my other accounts and websites on different social media.

Compared to my first mockup we did in week 5, I am very pleased how this new mockup turned out. It looks far more appealing and engaging than my first one was and I have hopes that one day I might actually be able to utilize it.

Thanks for a great semester!

~Denali Goodwill

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