This is my final web page design. I added a large featured artwork slide show, to show off the most important images, and a side menu next to it that includes links, RSS, and share buttons. I re-spaced the featured gallery and added my own images as if it were a real site. I also added text from my actual blog to the posts from the blog section.websiteTB  websiteTBfinal

The type of client I have in mind is a visual artist who wishes to display artwork collections, new artwork, and blog posts. When I chose the colors for the page I had myself in mind, as I like darker values. I chose it to be monochrome, other than the logo, images, and links and buttons when you hover over them. That is because I wanted the website content (the artwork) to pop out more. Websites with a black background are often hard to find due to the readability issue that most of those sites have, but I compensated the issue with the font size. The font size is larger than most websites and it seems like it does not utilize the page space as well as if it were smaller, but I think it works in this case.

I find that most fine artists seem, to non-artists, distant, focused, and somewhat untouchable (at least in Fairbanks). And in the case that they do have a website, it is only used as an online portfolio, contact, and hiring info. I wanted to have my website include the things that I think are important if one is a freelancer artist, as they gain their business by putting their art and name out there.



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