site mock-up 2.fw

Modified site layout

I’ve eased up on the color. Using close to the same color in the banner and text box stroke to give a good separation.

I’ll have to put it up in a browser to see if it is still readable.


Basic site structure:

Main page:

Banner image with shop name and wheel

Buttons under the banner link to class descriptions, our calendar, special events page, fiber links and about us

The first text box is just a quick intro to the store.

The two wheels are links to child pages (tools and fiber)

I’m not sure about the color in the Visit US box, I want to give folks the hours and contact information, but don’t want it to overshadow the stock.

Driving directions gives them three ways, the image is optimized for Medium Quality, it will scale up a ways before pixelating. It is also a link to Mapquest driving directions. And of course the directions in the text.


Wheel images are optimized for the web.

I’ll work on the css to give each box a class that lets it scale down from a desktop to a phone view.

I will use CSS to tmake the buttons turn to a menu.


Child Pages:



A list of the classes we offer, both group and private

Each class will have a link to the calendar



Our classes, with a link back to the description

Any classes being offered by a guest instructor

Special events such as National Spinning Week, Guild sales, etc…


Special Events

Our Sales

Guild Classes

National Spinning Week,


Fiber Links

Links to our friends in the fiber industry

Hand Weavers Guild of America

American Tapestry Alliance

ETSY shops of interest to our customers

Professional weavers/spinners, knitters in the area


About us

History of the store

Bios of Susan and Martin (Susan (my wife, and the owner of the shop) insisted…)

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