This was my initial web page mockup. Very experimental in that there is a LOT going on; the image is very busy.

I definitely did a lot of experimenting with different gradients, shapes, and text as you can probably tell. The web page is extremely colorful – it’s actually a little overwhelming. I tried to position everything in a pleasing way. I think if it were a real website, I would possibly make it look more clean as far as colors go, but like I said, this was all about experimentation. It definitely gives me some 90’s nostalgia – it kinda has that vibe to it in my opinion.




After – Final Project Result:

My final web page layout has a much cleaner, sleeker look to it! I completely changed the banner – I think it looks much better. I also completely changed the navigation buttons from the first layout, as well. I wanted my navigation heart buttons to sit around the banner so that if a visitor were to access the home page of the site, they’re easy to see and easy to click. I also used a white/light pink gradient for the background so that it’s simple, clean, and looks well with the overall design. The few images that I used in this layout other than the banner were the heels, the lipstick stain kiss, the hot pink glitter footer, and the arrow, heart, and chat bubble shapes. I wanted the layout to be stylish but minimal.   I feel that overall, there is more uniformity in this final layout than my initial one.

The intended audience for this website are cosmetic/fashion enthusiasts ranging from youtube gurus to professional makeup artists and the every day girl (or guy). This website offers quality cosmetics for decent prices in the site store, a forum for users to discuss current trends, trade hacks and tips, or to ask or give advice. I would imagine a website like this to have a pretty big following amongst the beauty community and for there to be a lot of fun events, contests, and discounts for shopping as well to keep our customers loyal and engaged. Ideally, anyone could use this website from their computer or smartphone, and maybe even an app would exist with the same website layout.




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