Final Web.fw

My site is intended as a think tank and conversation started, possibly debates for some people. I took my original mock up and looked at it again from a user standpoint.   I didn’t find it very interesting and after looking at other similar sites I decided to change things to grab attention. I chose my image based on what the site is about which   is talking about something important and getting feed back.   I wanted there to be some trending subjects and funny enough the same ones I had for the Week 5 assignment were still relevant.   I also put a more futuristic look to the design but still kept it simple and to the point.   I want people to discuss and debate not spend time navigating pages. The other pages will contain blog and post information, some funny cartoons on current information and allow for real time chats. I think this new look would caption the audiences attention and they would check out what this was all about.

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