This is the layout for an undated version of Below Zero Photography. I wanted to improve upon my previous layout because it gives my friend an idea of how to set up her website since she hasn’t set one up yet.

I decided to change the images that I used in the previous layout to reduce loading time and to make it more pleasing to the eye. Putting a “frame” around the image placed on the page allows it to be distinct from the background. They are pictures that she took herself and give a representation of the work she does. Changing the images also allowed me to alter the colors of text and the banner to make them more pleasing and easier to read. Another way I made the text easier to read in the center of the page was to put a faded around the edges black box that you can’t really tell is there without looking for it so it doesn’t disrupt the image for the background. Leaving a brief description with the link in the middle allows those with assistance devices to know which link they need. I left the navigation on the side the same format to make it easier for people who are on mobile devices as well as computers so it doesn’t clutter up the page, however I changed the colors in it to make it match the newer color scheme. I’ve retained the contact info at the bottom of the page to make it easy for people to ask questions if they are confused about something.

For the other pages my plan would be to keep most of the same color scheme, but elaborate more on each topic and probably some nice charts with prices, packages, and schedules depending on each page. I’d make the message on each page as clear as possible for people to understand and make it very easy for people to email and as questions about what they see on the site by keeping the contact information on the bottom of each page so they don’t have to search the whole site to find it.

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