I’m currently living in South Carolina, where it’s hot, humid, and horrifically unlike Alaska. My banishment is temporary, however, and we will be moving back to   Anchorage once my husband retires from the Air Force in a few years (may they pass quickly).

I’m taking this class for credit towards an IT Specialist AAS degree. I have a decent amount of experience with Photoshop and some limited experience in Illustrator. I am looking forward to gaining more experience with video and audio editing, and learning how to optimize media in website design.

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  1. Love the humorous style of your writing and look forward to knowing you better this semester. Good luck on surviving South Carolina and send us warmth Dec-Feb when it will be super cold here here in Fairbanks!

    1. Wow you are far away! I trust you banishment WILL go quickly! A good way to help is keep busy. Everyone seems to have a different main area they want to learn more about and when I read everyone’s ideas I think Yeah I need to know more about that as well so I have now decided I really need the whole class. Optimizing audio and video would be great for making a dvd for my Dad which never sounds right. Be safe with that second storm coming along on the east!

    1. I’m not familiar with that program, what is it? I just got married at the beginning of the year, so I’m still a newbie at this whole military spouse thing. Currently, I’m using my company’s tuition reimbursement to pay for school. Since I work full time and now have a very cool family with my husband and two step daughters, I’m only taking a couple classes each semester.

  2. Welcome to class, Clare. I’m so glad you can join class from so far away there in South Carolina. I lived in North Carolina for a number of years and the summers are literally seared into my mind. Definitely send us warm thoughts as winter progresses, though! I’ll be very jealous by December. I hope you get a chance to try some new techniques and ideas for this semester’s projects.

    1. It’s finally getting non-sweltering enough for me to go outside without whining. I wasn’t born in Alaska, but that’s definitely where I’m best suited. Anchorage especially, you Fairbanks folks are made of tougher stuff!
      Winter here will provide a good break from being stuck inside all the time. I work from home doing IT support, so I’ve spent the vast majority of my time since we arrived in June hiding in the A/C at home. I would have surely crossed into hermit territory by now if it weren’t for my family venturing out and bringing back stories of the outside!
      I’m looking forward to the class!

  3. Hello Clare. Just curious if you were in the path of the eclipse. I pulled over at a truck stop about midway between Kansas City and St Louis. But clouds rolled in and totally blocked the sun as the eclipse began – oh well, that’s nature. Then it unexpectedly cleared up probably 3min before the total eclipse. I hear that people not far up the highway still had clouds. Lucky location. Not lucky enough that the lottery ticket I bought at the truck stop made me a mulit-millionaire but I guess you can’t have everything. 😉

    Avatar photo Walter
    1. I’m sorry about the lottery ticket…that’s my luck, too.
      We were in the totality, so I watched the whole eclipse from my front yard with my husband and stepdaughters. We were lucky enough to have clear skies here, and it was pretty incredible.


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