My dog Gem and I hiking down by Denali.

I am Nancy Jones and I live in Nenana Alaska. I work full time and taking classes at UAF for an associates degree in Business. While this class does not relate as much to my current job it was on the list for possible classes to fulfill my degree so I picked it because I have always been interested in web design and would like to learn some more current methods.


  1. Hi Nancy,
    This class sounds interesting with all the different media components. The hard part for me is realizing that the different layers add dimension. I am so old school, I have to remember to look outside the box, and know that these added layers help bring in new textures and styles for design. This is so easily said, but to make it work can be difficult. I too want to learn some more current methods as you mentioned.


    1. YES the different layers will be great! I’ve tried editing photos in one layer and it was time consuming and not very effective. I usually try to figure things out myself and find out later OH there was an easier way. LOL Now with the programs today we will learn to do great things the easy way. I have some artistic talent with pen, pencil and brushes which I did use in school and a couple of endeavors after but when people started using programs to make art work in a fraction of the time I began to think the time hand drawing or painting was not appreciated like it used to and time spent verses a program doing much of the work. When I signed up for this class this spring I started becoming inspired to learn to incorporate both technology and talent.

  2. It’s great to have you in class, Nancy. I’m so glad to hear that you’re curious about what is current in web design. I am too! That seems like a statement of the obvious, but things move so fast with programming, UI/UX design, and multimedia authoring that sometimes I feel like it all happens too fast. I really enjoy teaching this course because it helps me keep up on latest and greatest. I learn lots from others in the class as well!

    Cute dog!


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