I’m Patrick Dolan and I’ve been in Fairbanks since 1992 when I first came up to UAF for classes. Three degrees, a marriage, and 2 kids later, I still enjoy being active here.  I’m taking this class to learn how to use Fireworks and Flash better. My last training on these was many years ago and I think I might be able to incorporate my love of photography into some very interesting web elements and animations.   I also volunteer as a youth soccer coach, a Big Brother, and as a director at Bread Line.

I hope to learn how to use flash for good and not evil as can be seen in many places on the web. IN all seriousness, though, I really would like to be able to create something useful in Flash.


  1. Hi Patrick love that picture! Three degrees at UAF ? Nice! How much of your classwork was online? Fairbanks is a great place to raise a family though as a teenager I thought it was the arm pit of the universe but I kept coming back. This class is going to be great for learning some useful stuff. Glad you are in the class with us.

  2. Definitely kudos on your ability to balance work, family, and school! We will definitely have a chance to get our hands dirty with Flash this semester. You can use Fireworks for some of our early assignments instead of Photoshop if your interested. I’ve updated a few of the tutorials for Photoshop since Adobe has stopped supporting Fireworks. It is a move I’m still having a hard time understanding, since it was a really great combination of raster and vector editor. If you do decide to work in Fireworks and have questions about techniques, please let me know.


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