Hello everybody! My name is Jessica Harman and I am born and raised in Fairbanks Alaska. I am taking this course both as a class requirement for ┬áIT Specialist and for personal interest. I’m hoping to learn a bunch about web design and animation as I have dabbled in both as a hobby!


  1. Excellent to hear that you have some experience in both web design and animation, Jessica. This course covers a lot of ground, so I look forward to seeing you projects. I also hope you share some of your experience. As it is with so many things when it comes to both web design and multimedia authoring, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I’m always curious to hear how others approach media creation.

  2. Jessica I am glad there are so many people from Fairbanks! though as an online class we could be from anywhere in the world. I grew up in Juneau and Fairbanks and always loved UAF but ended up raising my family before making a serious attempt at school. I also look forward to learning animation as well as the rest of the areas. We are going to learn a lot! It’s exciting!


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