Hello. My name is Bridgette Keener. I am 23 years old and was born and raised right here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I have been married to my best friend for five years, and mom to two boys age 17 and 3. I came into the applied business program 2 years ago to earn an associates degree with a entrepreneurship concentration. I ended up finishing that degree, but wanted to add a concentration in marketing before graduating. I fell in love with marketing my first semester in the intro to business class. Im very excited to start the “fun” part of my degree, but am very nervous because I have NEVER done anything close to the photoshop, web design, and graphics design classes I am in this semester. I am a blank slate so excited to expand the skills I need. I hope to learn as much as possible from this class, and am very open to suggestions and help!

Made a website to showcase what I will learn in this class and my beautiful family.



  1. You sound like you’ve got lots of energy, Bridgette. Welcome to class. Since you self-identify as a beginner, please let me know if you have additional questions about any of the software we use, or techniques you see on the web and would like to try for yourself.

  2. Bridgette we sound very alike. I am actually going to graduate this spring with a dual associates in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. It was originally just supposed to be entrepreneurship, but I fell in love with marketing. I am excited to learn along side you.

  3. Bridgette, I thought the Intro to business was a great class as well and the other class that surprisingly interested me was Applied Business Law, however the Intro to Business really give a great overall view of business showing it is a lot more than just getting a business lic and a sign. Marketing and advertising is a huge part of business and anyone thinking of starting a business should study these areas. Since marketing was so appealing to you maybe you could work in marketing for another company while getting your own business going if you planned on starting one. Glad you are in the class!

  4. Hi Bridgette,
    It sounds like you live a very busy life right now. I’m past that stage in life, and there are many days I miss it after raising six children. The fighting I could pass without reliving, but the family vacations, and game nights were the best. In one of my past chapters of life, I had owned a travel agency. That was fun and exciting to be able to service clients with fun vacation packages. The skills just came with my enthusiasm of the job. It sounds like you have the energy to conquer any new task. I too love challenges.


  5. Thank you all for the kind comments. Feels like family in here! I created my site and am really excited to start editing it!!! (Also my picture is of my husband and 3 year old son.)


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