I wanted to do an interesting website I am using on a regular basis. I usually use safari as my browser, but also have Google Crome due to safari’s many limitations. After taking the screenshot I opened up Google Crome and disabled all the images. This website was almost completely unaffected. The banner was missing, along with all our profile pictures but the website was still completely usable! Most of the images on this page are used for individuality and don’t have a lot of practical use, which is great if you browse the Internet without images!

I then took a closer look at the images on the page. I used the toolbar I downloaded and found 44 images on the homepage. Most of them are profile pictures of the members and are the small size of 400×400. There were also Patreon logos and hyperlinks to the Goggle Play Store and the Apple App Store. My tool bar didn’t have the option to view the document outline, so I couldn’t get the total size. Also when I control click it doesn’t give me more then 5 options, and none are helpful. I have no idea how much space these images use, but I assume it isn’t much because most of them are small profile pictures.

Aside from the technical issues that I will see if I can fix this week, I did learn about the kinds of images on websites. I actually had no idea that there were only three. I was under the impression that Gifs only moved too.


  1. I just got my first Mac three weeks ago. My old computer is 5 years old and can barely even load web pages anymore. I am kinda struggling getting used to a Mac, and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why things aren’t working. I can command click, but it only brings up “open image in new tab”, “save image as”, “copy image”, “copy image address”, “search google for image”, and “inspect”. Also some options are missing even though I found the toolbar suggested. If you know why I am having these problems, or how to fix them, please let me know!

      1. I did download Google Crome, I wasn’t even going to try to do these projects in safari. I am having all these troubles in Google Crome. I also think its possible that my computers settings aren’t set right yet, so I’m talking to my IT guy to see if he knows anything.

  2. My internet here goes via satellite and there are times when it has issues. I posted twice not wanting too, but thinking the post didn’t go through. I only mention this as I clicked on you image and it took a bit of time to load. Just thought you might want to know this from a slow internet perspective.



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