I’m looking to adopt a puppy soon, so I’ve been spending a good bit of time researching breed personalities on www.akc.org.

The assignment was on the homepage, which is more straightforward than the subpages where I think they’ve done a really nice job making the site interactive.

  • The homepage includes 49 images for a cumulative file size of 681 kb.
  • The images are primarily for illustration, since most have button navigation placed immediately below them, but they do link the images so that you can also use them to navigate. They also use the images for the ad components, logos, and some dedicated navigation images like arrow illustrations.
  • The site is fully navigable without the images
  • The site is attractive, but the homepage seems excessively long. Some of the other pages on the site use images much more engagingly, whereas the entire bottom half of the homepage is restricted to buttons and text. I also think that the sections could be more compact.



  1. This is interesting. How are you going to decide which puppy to adopt. All the images look so appealing to bring each puppy home. Can you select a puppy from your own town? This site really seems easy to navigate. I put my zip code in and answered the questions both personal and environmental, and it matched me with some breeds that I had never thought about. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m going to be adopting from a local shelter. This is my first time living in the South, and the variety of dogs here is much different than the ones I grew up with. So, I’ve been using the site to learn about Catahoula Leopard Dogs, Bluetick Hounds, well actually, a lot of hounds… 🙂
      We currently have a Shiba Inu so I want to try to bring in a dog who’s personality will fit well with our family and current dog, as well as having a good idea of training methods for the breed. The Shiba Inu (aka Luke Skywalker) is my husband’s dog, and I knew nothing about the breed until I met Luke. The Shiba’s are apparently notoriously hard to train, and it took quite a while for Luke and I to get in the groove. Since I work from home and am around almost all of the time, Luke is now totally bonded to me and after about a year we are now actually getting somewhere with training. As much as I love him and am glad that he’s here, I would not want to bring another incredibly difficult to train dog into the mix. My last dog was an English Setter who was so quick to learn pretty much anything you wanted him to unless he felt you were trying to make him look foolish.
      Glad you like the site!

    1. I used SnapIt to do the screen capture in sections and then compiled in Photoshop. I downsized the ppi to 72, which I think is what makes the post preview look so terrible, however, I suppose it would have been gigantic in the post if I hadn’t.


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