I chose to research IMDb.com since I constantly use it to see what new feature films are being produced.  I’m a movie buff so I am constantly visiting this site.  According the the web developer there are 95 images on this page. That is about right since this information changes daily.  It is definitely able to be navigated with the images hidden, but it does get kind of tricky, as could any website with many images.  Still, I was able to navigate the site with little or no problem since the images had tagged info.

There are many variations of images and sizes.  Specifically I selected properties on images that were being used quite regularly. Most of the images use the dimensions 201×298 with file sizes ranging from 11KB to 250KB. The site is organized really well and the images help navigate the site with ease since half the time you’re looking for a movie poster or actor/actress that is familiar to you. There are plenty of advertisements on this site, but they are always to side side and out of the way, minus the occasional splash screen that may appear on the homepage whenever a new blockbuster is hitting theaters of cable TV.

If you are a movie buff like I am, this is a fun site to browse through just to see what your favorite actors, directors or producers are up to.  Very good way to keep up with what is coming out soon.




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