Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

This page has 31 images used in it that take 1,097 KB to load. Interesting to see that there is also 6 scripts and 7 CSS sheet styles.

The main page image features a carousel of five rotating large images. These images show different activities that you can use a bank to do such as buying a 4 wheeler, getting a car and freedom, or saving for the future.  These images are colorful, clear, and blend in well with the overall page as they have feathered sides that fade to white.

There are other smaller images on the page such as a calculator for their online financial calculators and images or cars and credit cards that pertain to their rates for car loans and credit cards.

Images used on this page are both jpg’s and png’s.   The larger rotating images are 1500 x 1108 jpg’s while the other images are all png’s with lossless compression and the ability to scale.   Some of the images had alt text noted while others did not.   I did see a couple of images with the Alaska USA logo that had a width of 0 and a height of 0; not sure why these were on the page.

I was able to easily navigate this site with the images turned off.   The menus are clear and look like they would work well.

I think the images on this site serve to make it more appealing and tie the banks image to how people would use their services to make their dreams happen.

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