One site that I think has an interesting design that I use quite often is  itself. I like how all of the interests you like on your account make up one infinite feed that takes up the entire page, aside from the search bar at the top. To me this is a cool way to look a ton of different pictures or ideas in one page that really catches my eye and keeps me scrolling.


  1. Pinterest is so addictive to view. I can spend hours at a time looking for DIY craft projects, or ideas for parties. This company has taken over the bookmarking industry. I hardly use my other accounts like Matter of fact it was just shut down this past June.

  2. This is a site that I spend quite a bit of time on as well. I use it for bookmarking, like you mention bjchavez, and have also found that I end up using it more than Diigo, my social bookmarking tool of the moment. I’ve been wondering why it has been slowly absorbing the overall social bookmarking landscape. I think it may be due to the visual element of reviewing a saved bookmark along with the users’ ability to sort bookmarks into discrete boards (as opposed to the open tagging system of other social bookmarking platforms). What do you think wbtreybal? Is the visual nature of this tool the most useful/engaging characteristic for you?

    1. For me, the design is the most engaging/useful characteristic since I often use this site to get ideas for drawing or just to look at other people’s art. The design makes it easier to just browse and click on pictures than most other sites.


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