Assignment #2 – Raster Images


I chose a Wikipedia page, partially because I search that site often, and also because I had recently looked up the Climatron botanical garden in St Louis after a recent visit.

The site had only 19 images but, strangely, 10 of then displayed as 0x0 using the Web Developer extension in Firefox. I’m not sure what that means and they weren’t images I saw on the page. Together the images totalled only 97KB of space. Some of the images are navigational while the two largest are pictures of the Climatron itself.

Wikipedia is a link heavy site and so allows a user to navigate without the images. The images that link to new content have alternative links, the links from the pictures of the Climatron are just to higher resolution images, (which I of course couldn’t see with the images disabled).

I was a bit disappointed in the page mainly because they showed so few images of the building, one internal and one external, and the internal image was a black-and-white photo from the 1980s. I was tempted to post one of the color images I took when I was there, (but that wasn’t the assignment).

So, the site did give information about the subject but, for a subject that is so visually rich I was disappointed that they had so few pictures to give the user a better feel for the Climatron. ┬áBut Wikipedia is editable; perhaps I’ll update the Climatron citation and give the page some much needed color.



    1. The whole Botanical Garden (of which the Climatron is just one small part) is wonderful. I wish I had been staying in town longer and could’ve visited again.

      Sadly the wikipedia page had very few images, only two for a location as visually rich as the Climatron. But, since the images had readable alternate text and the links from those two images only went to higher res images, essentially nothing was lost with the graphics turned off. I think Wikipedia does a much better job with that than most sites.

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