I love how their site is easy to navigate and their pictures are very good. All of their images are used to convey a definite message and they use a lot of good icons. What I really love about this site though is their menu. It is quite different then a lot of other sites in how it is set up. I love that you can browse by brand, product or deal. This makes it possible for people with all sorts of different wants and needs to use the site. Some people are brand loyal while others want to compare computers from all different brands and some are just in it for the best deal.

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  1. I agree that giving users control in how they search on a site is important for selling online. Successful search, in general, is very important and it is surprising how many sites do it poorly.

    This site really does really have a different strategy for navigation. Do you think that it is best for people coming to the site to browse, or for people who know what they are looking for and just want to find that thing?


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