A woman working on her laptop“Just curious the what size dimension on the icons you would like or file size?’

I received this great question about Assignment 04 this morning and want to answer it as an announcement just in case you might have the same question. For this week’s assignment I am not concerned about the dimensions you set for the icons or the file size. This week I would like for you to focus on becoming comfortable with the drawing tools, working with shapes, and modifying paths in your vector editor. I am asking that you send me your work for Assignment 04 in the native file format of your vector editor, which means that you will be sending me a vector file. If needed, I would be able to resize your icons as large or small as I need to without experiencing any loss of detail.

That being said, there are many instances where the icons or other user interface elements we create will need to be exported to a raster format. We may need to place these icons on a website or a mobile app, for example. In these contexts, yes we will want to export our vector images to be perfectly sized and optimized. This week’s homework is not one of those instances.

However, to get you started on your icons for homework, I do have some suggestions that will make drawing comfortable. Starting with a workspace that is 500x500px will be comfortable. Your icons can be set to be 64x64px. Normally, you would have dimensions in mind to fit a website you are building that would dictate the size of your icons.

Some designers create icons to resell without a specific website in mind. Take the icons for sale on the Creative Market,  https://creativemarket.com/graphics/icons. These icons are for sale to anyone interested in using them for their own projects. Often the designers will create specifically-sized sets of icons for the buyers of the sets so that they do not have to go through the extra work of resizing and exporting icons. Common sizes can include, 16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px, and 128x128px, but there are no set standards. I encourage you to explore these sets of icons to see how designers are packaging their work for resale.

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