Most websites I visit aren’t particularly lovely but National Geographic was a safe bet. The site is as interesting as the magazine but, because it’s a website, it leans more heavily on images and video.

The site is unusually advanced with pulldown links to overlay pages, rolling backgrounds, and interactive links that change shading as your cursor rolls over them making it easy to tell where you are.

Unfortunately (from my perspective) they are a for profit business so some of the content can only be accessed with a subscription.


  1. I’ve not spent much time on the NG website, though I was a big fan of the magazines when I was growing up. They still have amazing photographers and videographers working for them.

    What do you think of the site navigation? Do you think it is designed to find specific content or do you think it is meant to allow you to discover what is on the website?

    1. I don’t know if the site uses any the same stories from the current magazine but most stories are obviously created just for the website like the featured “Popular Stories” plus daily and weekly content. So, it’s easy to reach these featured stories and the site uses images and provocative text to draw you to follow those links. Most of the links lead either directly to videos or to pages which contain videos which are somehow relate to the primary story. I think this is both to set itself apart from the print magazine and to keep people with short attention spans on the site. I can say, from personal experience, that it’s very effective. I’d advise against visiting the site if you’re a curious person unless you have plenty of time to spare.

      But, if you’re looking for a particular subject – bears for example – they have a search button in a banner at the top of each page. I tried several searches and always came up with related articles except in the one case when I tried a very specific topic. It still did its best and gave me unrelated but intriguing articles.

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