I chose inspiredbyiceland.com for my site. I used this site frequently when planning a trip there a few years back. They have excellent quality photography and the break down of information by history, planning, and activities with drop down filters is easy to use. It gives a great initial overview and then allows for deeper research. Plus, it’s Iceland, which is in a tight race with Alaska for my favorite place on Earth.

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  1. How lucky you are to have visited such a beautiful place! It’s always good when information is easy to find on a website, and well-planned navigation is a key component of findability for sure. I’m really impressed with the layout of that site. The liberal use of whitespace gives the impactful photographs room to breath and stand on their own without overwhelming the pages.

    There is only one unfortunate oversight on this site and it is that there is a typo in one of their slides in the rotating banner. It reads, “Plan You Trip”. It is easily overlooked, but proofreading is imperative on websites. I’m very guilty of not spending time proofreading, but I still think it is very important.


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