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  1. It’s good to have you in class, Ryan. I agree with you that WordPress is a solid platform for building a website. It has a diverse and supportive user community for people interested in learning how to do their own WordPress development. Those people who are interested in setting up a website for their small business can buy a theme for their WordPress site and have someone customize it for them. Finding the resources to build a powerful site on WordPress is pretty easy because it has become so popular.

    As for mobile-friendly layouts, you’re on the right track there as well. As Google puts more and more emphasis on the importance of sites designed for mobile devices, I think we will see an increasing number of businesses come to realize that they need a responsive site. It isn’t something that is just nice to have anymore. I don’t know if you have ever seen any of Google’s tools for web developers and marketers, but they have a ton of resources available for free. The Digital Garage is an interesting place to start for anyone new to web technologies who wants to understand the basics, Sites like their site speaks to the marketing side of Google’s services, but also serves as an education site for topics integral to the web industry.

    Not that I think that Google is the end all and be all of the internet, but I do think they go out of their way to put as much information as possible in people’s hands to help them get their information online. They have some interesting resources on their Developers Site too, like this guide to building a simple progressive web app,


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