Refinery 29 Critique

Refinery29 has 47 photos on its homepage. The photos are all images that represent what the featured article is about. There are also 6 advertising spaces that change photos/video clips. The majority of the images are 703 x 725 pixels with the exception of the advertising spaces which vary. When I turn the images off in the Web Developer section, I can still navigate within the website (it leaves the background where the photos were and the advertising spaces stay in view).

I feel like the use of images on this website is useful for their audience base which they strive “to be the #1 new-media brand for smart, creative and stylish women everywhere.” The photos look clean, are attention grabbing and are displayed evenly, which is nice. I feel like it makes me want to scroll and view more but I rarely do this on any website. I always use the navigation bar to get where I want to go.


  1. This site looks interesting. How did you find it? Just curious if it was via Facebook or another advertising source. I tried to click on your image to link to the site, but it just loaded a picture.

    1. My sister actually told me about the site because of the Money Diaries section. Money Diaries is basically just that…a week of a person’s spending habits. All the type of people they feature have different financial situations and they’re all anonymous. I think its really interesting.

      The link to the website is above the photo. Just click where it says “Refinery 29” in blue.

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