Masked Travel

Come roam Alaska!

As a previous owner to a travel agency, it is my passion to continue to help others find their place of travel. Here is a banner I created from pictures that I have in my collection from Southwest Alaska. The upper left image is a picture from the reindeer corrals out on Nunivak Island. The moose image is taken from across the river coming back from a camping trip. The foliage is the tundra out in my backyard. The baskets are a collection of the University at the Kuskokwim Campus. The mask is made by George Williams that I took a picture and edited the background. The wreath I did download from I choose these pictures to help advertise our region’s beauty.

I choose to use the banner as the original optimized size 960×342 uploaded verses a thumbnail displayed on this page. When optimizing I did set the size of the file a bit higher to capture the quality of the photos. I could have made this file a 68kbps size with a resolution of 72 but that just took away from the quality. This image is only 121kbps in size for all the images that are included, it was worth the slightly larger size in file. The load time was just seconds from the poorer quality of the smaller size file. Enjoy Southwest Alaska, and if you need any travel suggestions, let me know.


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